Health is a humanitarian condition free of disease, when safety is achieved in the body and mind, We will identify the types of health and ways to maintain health.

Types of Health

Health is divided into several parts, each of which perceives each other with, mental health: it is about feelings and feelings, whether better, Mental health: It is about ideas, actions and beliefs, which have special ideas in support of looking at itself with a positive outlook, Spiritual health: It is about the person's relationship with himself and his creations and goals for life and its relationship with God Almighty.

Ways to maintain health

Eat healthy balanced food that contains all the nutrients needed by the body to enable cells to function properly, and should focus on food on vegetables and fruits in addition to red meat and white, and marine products, legumes and milk and dairy products, and must move away from fatty foods and containing On a lot of fat and cholesterol are harmful to the body, and away from meals filled with harmful substances and flavors, Stay away from taking drugs, alcohol, smoking and anything that may harm physical, mental and psychological health. Relax and think in a positive way away from the negative outlook of the soul and the surroundings.

General tips for health care

Stay away from anger because it is the entrance of Satan's entrances and the person loses control over himself, Stay away from excessive anxiety and tension and ease the pressures of different life, and the allocation of times for recreation and the elimination of red tape, Take enough sleep each day and stay away from body stress by working long hours of the night, Stay away from pathogens such as places where viruses, epidemics and places gather people together, and maintain personal hygiene constantly.

Daily health care tips

Be careful not to carry heavy objects, walking slanted or even sitting in a negative, because all these things affected the health of the spine, It is recommended to eat almonds between meals and when feeling hungry on a daily basis, because it contains a lot of nutrients that the body needs, and not available in foods. Vegetables, especially cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli should be slow and good, because the process helps the body to absorb the largest possible percentage of cancer control substances found in these vegetables.

For your health

It is wrong to drink coffee or any drink, which is very hot, because this increases the risk of cancer of the esophagus and mouth, so it is best to drink these drinks when the temperature is medium, Do your daily work calmly and carefully to avoid high blood pressure, It is advisable to eat at least one piece of chocolate to improve mood and avoid anemia, Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon to a cup of coffee, which helps insulin to function effectively in the body, so advised diabetics to take this drink, and this drink lowers the proportion of cholesterol in the blood.